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The Beauty of Quantum Physics

(Picture: The two smaller images show experiments in Quantum Physics.The drawn work above is by Jason Padgett, a man with Acquired Savant Syndrome who sees all of reality as mathematical fractals describable by equations. It makes the wave-particle duality made visible and - in my opinion - has much resemblance to the ancient drawings of the flower of life...)

Behind your thoughts and feelings, my brother, there stands a mighty ruler. An unknown sage - whose name is self. In your body he dwells. There is more reason in your body than in your best wisdom.

- Friedrich Nietzsche

My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.

- Nikola Tesla

The best part about ploughing through every kind of knowledge attainable is that at a certain point, all the different subjects and fields seem to merge making way to a simplicity of truth we totally lost sight of.

We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom. E. O. Wilson

What I know for sure is that every field of Science, be it Anatomy, Biology, Mathematics or Physics, act in their own way as signposts to the essential key for the big question. When your sense for truth has evolved to a certain degree, you detect the patterns when they show up. You’ll never get the complexity of it all – living with the assumption that you can only know the truth when knowing everything means making things ridicilously and infinitely complicated. And, most surely, the seemingly overwhelming „flood“ of information leaves you without even making a first step on a worthwile quest. What if it is much more the other way around? What if simplicity is key?

There was a passage in a text from a page called „The truth contest“ I liked very much:

The truth of the balance is the most clear at the edges of physical reality. If you look at the biggest things in the Universe, the stars and planets, you will see that they are all going in balanced circles (orbiting) around each other. If you look at the smallest things that make up all matter and atoms, you will see the same thing, electrons going around a nucleus. The edges reveal clearly the fundamental nature of our reality. Everything is going around in circles. As you become more aware, you begin to see that all physical things in between the biggest and smallest are doing the same thing in one way or another. Soon it will be as clear to you as night and day, and you will know the nature of everything.

And because I would not be able to find better words, read these quotes out of that page as well:

- Your five life senses sense life. Your mind produces and sends you things that do not come from life; it sends you things it makes up itself. It creates and sends you emotions, desires, thoughts, guilt, fears and worries, etc. Your mind blocks most of the life coming to you, and what it does not block, it converts into thoughts and feelings; it turns life into its mental code for life.

- Your mind attempts to reduce all of life to words, feelings, and abstract thoughts or bytes of data. Example: Your sense of sight sees a rose. Instead of coming to you directly as all that a rose really is, it is turned into the word "rose". It is then disregarded or filed away as a memory without letting you experience it.

- We now know enough and have enough control of the world. We no longer need to miss most of our lives. We need to see all of life now to see the real threats to our survival. It is time to start getting control of ourselves to get control of our minds. It is our false perspectives and lack of awareness that are the greatest dangers to us.

- If the mind is creating something, it can stop creating it.

We are already in the middle of this blog entry and you might think I haven’t written a single word about Quantum Physics yet, right?

Okay, let me start with the simple definition of one of the most famous experiments in Quantum Physics so far, the Double Slit experiment, given by Wikipedia and after that, I will elaborate a bit about it and then you are asked to read all of the above again – now with the knowledge about these findings in Quantum Physics:

„The modern double-slit experiment is a demonstration that light and matter can display characteristics of both classically defined waves and particles; moreover, it displays the fundamentally probabilistic nature of quantum mechanical phenomena.

In the basic version of this experiment, a coherent light source, such as a laser beam, illuminates a plate pierced by two parallel slits, and the light passing through the slits is observed on a screen behind the plate. The wave nature of light causes the light waves passing through the two slits to interfere, producing bright and dark bands on the screen — a result that would not be expected if light consisted of classical particles. However, the light is always found to be absorbed at the screen at discrete points, as individual particles (not waves), the interference pattern appearing via the varying density of these particle hits on the screen. Furthermore, versions of the experiment that include detectors at the slits find that each detected photon passes through one slit (as would a classical particle), and not through both slits (as would a wave). However, such experiments demonstrate that particles do not form the interference pattern if one detects which slit they pass through. These results demonstrate the principle of wave–particle duality.“

In other words:

The double slit experiment proves that the mind affects energy and matter. When the laser beam is observed, it changes from a wave to a particle, so the observer's mind is affecting energy and is connected invisibly to the particles.

The first time I read and watched the experiment, it somehow affected me deeply but it was only later, when learning more about consciousness and the different concepts about awareness in Spiritual teachings that it really hit home. Quantum Physics seems to approach the same insights being written down thousands of years ago only with a different attempt to begin with.

In the Science of Quantum Physics, matter gets broken down to the smallest piece of matter possible whereas ancient Spiritual teachings come from the other angle, telling us about findings beyond matter and trying to teach us how this formless realm affects matter on the smallest, subatomic level and hence all of our physical world. And that is why, for those who are ready to stay modest while being absolutely open, these two disciplines eventually seem to meet...

The Double Slit experiment seems to be Scientific (without attemption) proof for all the different teachings but containing always the same essence: There is something best called pure Awareness and it is the source of all Consciousness. We ALL are THAT, there is no separation once the delusion of a own self has faded.

It is my experience that deep insights need a lot of contemplation first. That is why I stay incredibly curious during this process of Awakening. The ultimate truth can only be experienced in the inside but needs a lot of boldness and will to surrender. In order to get direction and gain the courage and assurance for that endeavor, knowledge from the outside can operate like rungs on a ladder, making way to new ways of perception and insights, leading to more reassurance for the ultimate submission.

The Double Slit experiment was such a rung for me as it showed me in a very visual and factual way how consciousness might really work and how crucial it is to know about its mechanisms.

For me, Consciousness or pure Awareness is the wave (formless, not defined yet and therefore being able to travel wherever it wants to)

We, the individual minds, are the receivers and ultimately perceivers and therefore the ones who „break the Wave“ by receiving data and turning it into perceiving reality a certain way (by thinking certain thoughts, by giving meaning to certain feelings and persuing the desires or aversions they stimulate etc.)

As soon as we not only receive but also perceive, we break the wave of endless possibilities into a fractal and turn it into a density (particle) and in the end matter.

This also means that as long as we don’t perceive, the wave of life can manifest in the best way possible, keeping up all possibilities for us in it’s purest form.

Which would underline another most highlighted fact of deep teachings: Learn to stay silent! And learn to control your mind, thoughts, feelings etc. as this is of atmost importance for the possibility of living a life truly „in tune“ with what is best for you and therefore finding happiness.

Isn’t it an absolute fact that everything – apart from nature – is a product of thought? Every single invention, be it something small like a nail to something bigger like a house was only a thought in someones mind to begin with. Think about anything! Not only materials but also deeds and the truth will hit you in many ways.

With this truth comes a big responsibility for us humans – the thinking species on this planet. What we think will manifest. And that, if it would only be held in dignity, is the Beauty of what Quantum Physics can teach us.

And now, feel free to read the beginning again – with new thoughts, so I hope, because of new insights...

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