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Science vs. Spirituality

There is something you need to know about me:

I will use words like Kundalini, Chakras or similar ones from different Spiritual teachings, but I actually have quite a resistance against all the Spiritual mumbo jumbo happening in all kinds of directions at the moment.


Because I’ve been there. And I was hooked now and then. Big time. And because I don't like anybody claiming to know the whole truth about these wonderful, vast, totally mind blowing ancient teachings.

And because I know that words are unreliable and might lead astray. My understanding of a Chakra might be something different to you, my experience of an Awakening will for sure differ from yours and so on. But we communicate in words and they can also be a wonderful tool to get to a point.

BUT: As I wrote in my previous blog, all that delusion and confusion actually led to my Awakening. But only, because I did never lose sight of my first and foremost question: What is the truth!!!!

I wasn't longing for salvation, for a wonderful fairytale about me, being a chosen one and rescued by a handsome otherdimensional being. I just wanted to know the truth. Fullstop. Even if it were an unconvient one. I just soooo had enough of ignorance. And I think, that was the approach which guarded me and eventually led to the door that opended so wide...

Therefore, I want this blog to be different. It actually is my quest to spread awareness about spiritual topics but in a way that everyone can relate to it. I want it to be accessable even to those feeling a heavy resistance to such subjects. We need a discussion about what is happening and it has to come out of the Spiritual closet!

Let’s get away from veiling the truth even more by only tossing around Spiritual phrases once heard but not experienced first hand by me starting with a contemplation about Science vs. Spirituality:

Only because I always was sensitive to „the more there is“ does not mean that I am not also a very factual person.

And exactly because of that I did the work. It was not factual for me to just "believe", having only "a kind of sensing"... I took the message from all the different sources serious: Fact is, you will only find out by doing the work. On your own. Sitting on a cushion and be open. Meditate.

Let me explain even deeper:

  • If a person tells you that learning to ride a bicycle means that you can't only read books about it. You actually have to get on the bicycle and do it. Would you reason with him?

And so:

  • If a Spiritual person tells you that to find out if there is more you can’t just read books or listen to other peoples talks but actually demands that you get your ass on a cushion and do the work by practising meditation seriously. Why reason with him?

And that is were most of our modern Science disappoints me.

But not only Science. It is the majority of Society and even the academic classes who definitely should know better who think that when it comes to Spirituality they can have an opinion without having done the necessary research or even studied it at least a bit.

To make things worse... even in the Spiritual community you will find a lot of people talking and even lecturing about things they only read or heard but did not REsearch.

And if the most notable fact and verification happens to be that you have to sit down ON YOUR OWN and do the research by getting first hand experiences to come to a conclusion... how unscientific is it to not do exactly that?

Another analogy to think about:

If you take the Spiritual quote „As above so below“... that can already mean a different thing for you than for me. Maybe, you associate Heaven and Earth with it? If you’re more New Agey, maybe you think about other Dimensions?

Well, just to be on the same page: I will use it as a metaphor for the assumption that the same principals being valid here on Earth, let’s say Nature, are most likely governing the whole of the Universe, other Galaxies, Worlds and so on. It also means for me: What rules the Universe also rules my inner world.

Hence, let’s look at the Spiritual evolution of humanity from that perspective: It would mean, that it plays out quite the same way as the evolution and development of our human life on the Physical plane, right?

Out of that perspective, I actually come to the conclusion that most of us are still in the womb. We only believe in that small world we can perceive and would never guess that there is so much more. And what are the next steps to take for a child in order to develop?

Well, that small human being has to first and pretty baldly because of all that light and new impressions open it’s eyes! It will be overwhelmed first by the new world out of the womb, it might even cry a lot at the beginning but then, it slowely adapts. And it will and should get curious. It will have to explore everything and with all senses!

And then they get up, they try to make their first steps in order to explore more. They will with all certainty fall from time to time and will hurt themselves during this effort... but they keep going!

Oh! And as a teenager, they will try to be fully on their own feet, testing the limits, being opprtune to so many of the rules they are obliged to follow...

Sound familiar?

And so on.

So, let’s stay grounded and factual while honestly exploring the world we don’t know so well yet. And we should know how the world works so that the child is well prepaired and secure when taking the next steps. The ones, leading to beautiful experiences while avoiding the dangerous ones, the pitfalls...

And to end this blog: How come that we scientifically all agree on the fact that our species actually evolved from a microbe but deny our species a further development? Isn't it actually a 100% sure that our organism will evolve, maybe even to something else? Only scientifically and out of an evolutionary perspective stated of course...

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