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I started this webpage out of two reasons:

1. since living in the middle of my own experience with a Kundalini awakening, I know how lonely one can feel sometimes, how desperate one can get in order to find authentic accounts, comfort in this unique process and help.

2. I once wrote a response on another blog relating to the topic and it was then that I experienced quite a release in blockages...

... sharing is caring. For others but also for oneself.

Why me? How come?


Who knows...


Maybe, because I silently asked a sufficiant amount or the right questions? Or maybe, I asked for relief and for truth strongly enough? Maybe, the reason is me, once hitting rock bottom, forcing my ego to let go fundamentally? Was it me, feeling sick and tired of ignorance to the extend demanded? Maybe, it is owed to the fact that I actually did the work by meditating for hours? Or maybe, my organism was just ready? Maybe...


Again: who knows.


Eventually, I think it is just a normal evolutionary process in which I just happen to take part in while Science hasn’t catched up yet.


That makes it less phenomenal and not that surreal but also means for those already in the process that it is not an easy ride due to the lack of knowledge and understanding from Society and beyond.


And even me, in the middle of experiencing it: what do I know?!


Hence, my posts will be exactly about that. I will recount honestly what is going on – in my body, in my mind which means: it is in MY body, in MY mind and I am in no way suggesting that I know the truth, the end goal, the „plan“ of all of this.


Read my blog, find comfort, encounter new answers or new questions and then do the work on your own. Question. Contemplate. Meditate. FEEL it when truth hits you.

But let's share and be supportive. For the sake of us, experiencing it now and for the sake of future generations stepping into the process.


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November 17, 2017

November 10, 2017

November 2, 2017

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January 30, 2020

Even if I don’t like to go back to that frightening state of the journey, it is of high importance for a blog like mine to include information about it.

When you found my blog and you are looking for information about Kundalini and what on earth might be happening to you right now, it is quite likely that you already experienced what is called a Dark Night of the Soul or that you will experience it in various degrees along the journey.

We are living in a society, where “bad” feelings are being lab...

December 23, 2018

I haven’t written in a while now. Chaotic times inside and out. And somehow having that sense of: All has been said already.

If you are on that path, it is hammered into you with every book you read, any speech you’re listening to. You hammer it into yourself every step of the way. And yet... we are often still confused, in emotional turmoil, in physical agony when dealing with Kundalini.

Oh. My. God! Why won’t you just drop it!! It so much feels like a numbing down process at the moment and my ma...

May 30, 2018

I would like to make an update about my own experiences of direct symptoms. It’s been a year since Kundalini has risen and it seems like I also start a new cycle after that year now. And I am wondering how this is going to unfold with all the changes that already happened.

The energy is stronger than ever before while my mind had a year of time to adapt, calm down and integrate what was happening. Reading about it until the mind was sort of satisfied, finding people who go through the same experi...

March 16, 2018

My passion for script writing surely is a reason for my interest in the recipe for a good story. But there is more to that and it has a lot to do with what is happening to an individual on a journey of Awakening.

Once seeing through, stories can give you great comfort during the process. They can be reassuring, they can give you an upheaval or even help you through rough times like episodes of despair when passing through the stages of a dark night of the soul. They can be crucial in helping you...

January 12, 2018

(Picture: The two smaller images show experiments in Quantum Physics.The drawn work above is by Jason Padgett, a man with Acquired Savant Syndrome who sees all of reality as mathematical fractals describable by equations. It makes the wave-particle duality made visible and - in my opinion - has much resemblance to the ancient drawings of the flower of life...)

Behind your thoughts and feelings, my brother, there stands a mighty ruler. An unknown sage - whose name is self. In your body he dwells....

November 30, 2017

Type the word enlightenment into a search engine and you’ll have all the headlines with misconceptions in front of you.

I am not „enlightened“ – only having experienced and actually endured an Awakening and now in the middle of the Kundalini process. I can’t tell you therefore how it feels to be fully enlightened. At my state I am in, I can’t imagine how it is to grasp the truth in full... or better said in it's simplicity because I think simplicity is key... but I am already jumping topics again...

November 17, 2017

On my journey, I came to know that breath is indeed something crucial but not in the sense we all know like without it we would die...

... it goes much much deeper.

The time I was in strong Kundalini activation, I felt a lot of things very clearly and my strongest experience with breath was the following:

I experienced and therefore realized that there is something within us that actually breathes us. That is a very strange feeling to genuinely sense and I felt it only on a few occations when medit...

November 10, 2017

There is something you need to know about me:

I will use words like Kundalini, Chakras or similar ones from different Spiritual teachings, but I actually have quite a resistance against all the Spiritual mumbo jumbo happening in all kinds of directions at the moment.


Because I’ve been there. And I was hooked now and then. Big time. And because I don't like anybody claiming to know the whole truth about these wonderful, vast, totally mind blowing ancient teachings.

And because I know that words...

November 2, 2017

I was very sensitive to other energies since early childhood but lived a long life in ignorance afterwards and so I will start with the recounting of my experience as briefly as possible at the time of my „bubbling up“ back to the surface:

After the break up with my husband and moving from abroad back to Switzerland in 2012, I was eager to take my life back into my own hands.

My boys were 9 and 7 that time and although that process demanded a lot of strengths - physically but especially emotionall...

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