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My Experience, my insights,
my questions...

I started this webpage out of two reasons:

1. since living in the middle of my own experience with a Kundalini awakening, I know how lonely one can feel sometimes, how desperate one can get in order to find authentic accounts, comfort in this unique process and help.

2. I once wrote a response on another blog relating to the topic and it was then that I experienced quite a release in blockages...

... sharing is caring. For others but also for oneself.

Why me? How come?


Who knows...


Maybe, because I silently asked a sufficiant amount or the right questions? Or maybe, I asked for relief and for truth strongly enough? Maybe, the reason is me, once hitting rock bottom, forcing my ego to let go fundamentally? Was it me, feeling sick and tired of ignorance to the extend demanded? Maybe, it is owed to the fact that I actually did the work by meditating for hours? Or maybe, my organism was just ready? Maybe...


Again: who knows.


Eventually, I think it is just a normal evolutionary process in which I just happen to take part in while Science hasn’t catched up yet.


That makes it less phenomenal and not that surreal but also means for those already in the process that it is not an easy ride due to the lack of knowledge and understanding from Society and beyond.


And even me, in the middle of experiencing it: what do I know?!


Hence, my posts will be exactly about that. I will recount honestly what is going on – in my body, in my mind which means: it is in MY body, in MY mind and I am in no way suggesting that I know the truth, the end goal, the „plan“ of all of this.


Read my blog, find comfort, encounter new answers or new questions and then do the work on your own. Question. Contemplate. Meditate. FEEL it when truth hits you.

But let's share and be supportive. For the sake of us, experiencing it now and for the sake of future generations stepping into the process.


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